Ride of My Life

We have been designing motorcycle tours since 2001. Motorcycles and touring came into our lives slowly and later became an addiction. The next thing was to connect and share our routes, experiences with like minded people. And more importantly, to encourage more people to take up motorcycle travel. This gave birth to 60kph – Motorcycle Travel Club, India, one of the first non-profit motorcycle travel clubs within India, in 2002.

To further promote motorcycle touring, we made two award winning documentary films with Dirt Track Productions about our motorcycle journeys to remote parts of India. The films were shown at film festivals worldwide and bought by the Discovery Channel.

Ride of My Life is but an extension of our passion for motorcycle touring. The tours we design here are based on our years of riding experience in remote regions. The routes, places to stay, and of course, the experiences, are all crafted to give a rider an experience of a lifetime.

If you want to book a tour with us, welcome onboard. But even if you just need some information for your self-guided motorcycle ride, we will be more than happy to help!

About the Founders

Gaurav Jani

Gaurav JaniGaurav is a national award winning filmmaker who gave up making commercial films a long time ago to follow his passion. Since the last 11 years he's been travelling solo across India and making documentary films about remote places and indigenous people. Two of his films, Riding Solo to the Top of the World and One Crazy Ride have won awards at film festivals worldwide. His third film, Motorcycle Chang pa is about a one year journey to the Changthang plateau in Ladakh. Gaurav is the founder member of 60kph, Motorcycle Travel Club, India. He is also an advisor at The Ted Simon Foundation UK (which encourages and assists travellers to make an extra effort to mold their observations and insights into something of value for the rest of the world) and an instructor at Overland Expo USA (the world's largest event for do-it-yourself adventure enthusiasts). Gaurav brings with him his years of travel experience and knowledge of the most remote and breath-taking regions of India.

Vinod Panicker

Vinod PanickerVinod's interests lie in motorcycle travel, photography and technology. An avid photographer, Vinod has done several motorcycle rides to different parts of India and abroad, especially in the Himalayas. Vinod has an uncanny knack of planning a ride to the bone without killing the romance and footloose nature of travel itself. His zest for perfection and meticulous planning is the backbone for designing the ride flow of all our tours. Vinod is also a member of 60kph, Motorcycle Travel Club, India and was an integral part of the award winning motorcycle documentary One Crazy Ride.