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Budget & luxury bike tours to Ladakh in the Western Himalayas

Motorcycle tour to Ladakh

10 to 12-day tours to Ladakh covering breathtaking routes and destinations.

Western Himalayas, North India

A Mecca for motorcyclists, Ladakh’s unsurpassed beauty demands that there be nothing between you and the landscape. A must-do tour for every true travel lover, Ladakh seduces everyone with her tough but rewarding landscapes and the highest roads in the world. All our tours to Ladakh cover the pristine Pangong Tso lake and Khardung La, the worlds highest motorable pass.

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Ride to the Middle Land: Spiti

Motorcycle tour to Spiti

9-day tour to Spiti valley in the Himalayas.

Western Himalayas, North India

For those who really enjoy adventure and want to venture off the beaten track, our tour to Spiti valley in the Himalayas has it all. High-altitude passes, numerous water crossings, ancient monasteries and all in all, a stunning and varied landscape that will take your breath away. Been to Ladakh and thirsting for more? This is the tour for you.

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Bike tour to Pangi valley in the Western Himalayas

Living on the edge

A 10-day tour to Pangi valley in Himachal.

Western Himalayas, North India

The perfect fix for an adventure motorcyclist looking for an extreme adventure on what is now dubbed “The World’s Most Dangerous Road” to ride on. Lots of off-roading, amazing countrysides, camping, and a total adrenaline rush. Experience the ragged Himalayas in our tour to Pangi valley.

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Ride to The Land of Kings

Motorcycle tour to Rajasthan

A 12-day tour to Royal Rajasthan.

Western India

Rajasthan’s grand forts tell stories of a time when brave and noble kings ruled empires. But this desert state has a lot for a motorcyclist – we ride on the oldest mountain range in India, through the desert, indulge in some dirt-tracking and even a river crossing by boat. To top it off, we go looking for tigers and leopards in the jungles too!

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Bike tour to Sikkim

Motorcycle tour to Sikkim

A 9-day tour to the Hidden Paradise.

Eastern Himalayas, North-East India

A lesser-known state in the Eastern Himalayas, Sikkim has high mountain roads, stunning landscapes and friendly locals. A motorcycle ride here offers both adventure and a rich cultural experience.

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Ride to the Kingdom of Bhutan

Motorcycle tour to Bhutan

7 to 13-days tour to the Himalayan country of Bhutan.

Central Himalayas, Bhutan

A country that’s pretty much blanketed by densely forested Himalayan mountains, Bhutan is a land firmly rooted in its traditions. The grand forts and monasteries leave one in awe and the happy locals paste a permanent smile on every traveler’s face. The twisty roads across varied Himalayan landscapes mean that the best way to experience this small Buddhist country is on two wheels.

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Bike tour to Arunachal in the Eastern Himalaya

One Crazy Ride

A 10-day roller coaster tour through the “Hidden Land” of India.

Eastern Himalayas, North-East India

This 1,200 mile tour takes you through the most beautiful state in India, Arunachal Pradesh. Arguably one of the toughest motorcycle rides in India, you’ll bypass normal roads to find real adventure as you cover high Himalayan mountain roads, endless riverbeds, narrow jungle dirt-tracks and rickety bridges through a magical land that time forgot.

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Custom motorcycle tours in India and Bhutan

Custom motorcycle tours

Custom-designed motorcycle tours tailored to your budget & preferred destinations.

Indian & Bhutan

We get many requests from people who want private tours, unique motorcycling experiences, tours on dates that are different from our fixed-departure tours, tours to different destinations, or just tours at a different budget. Write to us and we will dig into our years of expertise to design an experience of a lifetime for you.

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