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2017 tours to Ladakh, Spiti and Pangi valley

by Ride of My Life on December 7, 2016

After catering to more than 300 satisfied riders in 2016, we have a bigger platter of rides for motorcyclists hungry for adventure and off-beat travel in 2017.

Along with a bit of a vertigo, we are excited to announce our latest tour - A ride to Pangi Valley, which is dubbed as the most dangerous road to ride in the world. The tour is surely a religious experience for riders looking for a very unique off road experience and adrenaline pumping adventure. Dates and details here.

We have also tweaked the ride flows of our popular Ladakh and Spiti rides. The new routes evolve from our constant endeavour to give you the best ride experience. If you have already done Ladakh and still have a Himalayan hang over, a ride to Spiti would be a perfect fix.

Himalayan reminds us of another exciting update - we will have a brand new fleet of the recently-launched dual-sport motorcycle - the Royal Enfield Himalayan for select tours in 2017.

Having spoilt you for choices, let us know which experience you are looking forward to. As always, we look forward to riding with you.

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New Rides, New Destinations, New Milestones

by Ride of My Life on May 17, 2016

As the song goes, "big wheels keep on turning...". Ours are, for sure. And hopefully in the right direction too, mapping out new rides that offer a unique and unforgettable experience. So here it goes - Announcing motorcycle tours to two new breathtaking regions of India.

First, the ride to Spiti Valley. A lesser known and lesser visited region of the Himalayas, Spiti offers all that most riders want from a ride: high altitude mountain roads, lots of stream crossings, mesmerizing Himalayan landscapes and great local culture. Cut off from the mainland for around 6 months a year, Spiti is home to the oldest Buddhist monasteries in India. This 11-day ride is packed with adventure riding in the Himalayas and is much tougher than our Ladakh ride. This ride is a must if you have ridden in Ladakh and are still suffering from a Himalayan hangover. Check out our motorcycle tour to Spiti.

Our second ride and our only one away from the Himalayas is in the Great Indian Desert. The "Land of Kings", Rajasthan, is famous around the world for its rich and colorful history. Massive forts, splendid palaces, historical temples all make a ride in Rajasthan an out of the world experience. But that's not it - on this 12-day tour, you experience tiger & leopard safaris, rides on dry salt lakes and even a river crossing with your motorcycle on a boat through a crocodile sanctuary! Choose this tour to come face to face with amazing history, wildlife, architecture, dry salt lakes and smooth roads. Check out our motorcycle tour to Rajasthan.

We also got our lazy selves to edit and upload a few of the many testimonials videos from our Ladakh rides last year. If you are still on the fence about riding to Ladakh with us, these might help.

Apart from the new rides, how can we forget our absolute favorites: our 14-day tour to beautiful Bhutan and our 14-day expedition ride to amazing Arunachal Pradesh.

Now with 5 unique motorcycle tours, haven't we spoilt you for choice? See you soon on our rides :)

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Kuzu Zampola!

February 5, 2016
To begin with, Happy 2016! Cheers to the new year and to new beginnings. We at Ride of My Life are excited about 2016, as the tour to Bhutan we announced last year now rolls out yearly. A guiding principle for Ride of My Life has been to only do tours where we as motorcyclists […]
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Announcing our 2016 motorcycle tours to Ladakh!

November 26, 2015
In spite of very many emails inquiring about our 2016 motorcycle tours to Ladakh, we took our time to perfect the ride flows. To be honest, there was a bit of laziness involved too. Both old habits that die hard. In 2015, we did 13 tours to Ladakh and every single tour ran on schedule. […]
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Announcing tours to Bhutan and Arunachal

September 10, 2015
Our budget tours to Ladakh in 2015 were a big hit. In all, we did 12 tours and transformed the lives of 228 riders forever. After all, one never really comes back from a ride in the Himalayas! Continuing our love affair with the mountains, we’re announcing tours to a destination that many of you […]
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Getting Leh’d in 2015

November 20, 2014

Getting Leh’d is now a commonly used term about people wanting to travel to Leh, Ladakh. Rightly so, as the Himalayan landscape and the experience is so magical, it is nothing short of getting hmm… You know what we mean! For our 2015 biking tours to Ladakh, we donned our thinking caps and have come […]

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Inviting you to a one-time-only budget tour to Arunachal

April 16, 2014

Our last blog post about Arunachal’s transformation resulted in a lot of inquiries from Indian adventure motorcylists who wished to do One Crazy Ride on their own motorcycle. Especially from people looking to share the thrill of adventurous Arunachal with their riding buddies before it’s lost to the inevitable march of “progress”. As motorcyclists first […]

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So long, craziness…

April 8, 2014

Next year onwards, “One Crazy Ride” won’t exist. Why? To put it simply – because there won’t be anything “crazy” left to do in Arunachal. The star attraction of the tour, the hanging bridges, will be replaced by sturdier bridges capable of supporting even trucks. The dry riverbeds and jaw-dropping river crossings that provide miles […]

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Announcing custom-designed tours to Ladakh

March 25, 2014

We think that we’ve crafted the best riding experience in the Western Himalayas, but we still get a lot of requests similar to these – “Can we ride on different dates?“ “Do you have a week-long trip in Ladakh?” “I have a specific budget. Can you work out something for me?” “We have particular destinations […]

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As good as it gets: New rates & new routes for 2014

January 8, 2014


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