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Getting Leh’d in 2015

by Ride of My Life on November 20, 2014

Motorcycling in Ladakh

Getting Leh’d is now a commonly used term about people wanting to travel to Leh, Ladakh. Rightly so, as the Himalayan landscape and the experience is so magical, it is nothing short of getting hmm… You know what we mean!

For our 2015 biking tours to Ladakh, we donned our thinking caps and have come up with various itineraries ranging from the short and sweet to the relaxed and romancing. We think that we’ve come up with ride flows for any rider wanting to get Leh’d in 2015.

So if you’re unlucky enough to have a mean boss, go for our 6 day Leh to Leh tour. If the boss is happy with your work, or if you are the boss yourself, hell, do the 2-week tour!

We also have various options for you to choose from according to the budget you have in mind for your bike ride to Ladakh. We now have budget tours, luxury tours and exclusive tours to Ladakh starting from May 2015 to September 2015.

So if you’re planning on getting Leh’d in 2015, check out our tours. We’ll help you do it in style and make it the ride of your life. On. a. motorcycle. No dirty thoughts!

Check out our 2015 motorcycle tours to Ladakh, Western Himalayas →

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