Ride of My Life
We are here for one reason and one reason only - to give you an amazing motorcycling experience that you cherish all your life. Over two decades of experience riding all over India has given us an edge in designing tours that rise above the usual destination to destination riding. Let us take you into an intoxicating mix of unseen cultures, unbelievable natural beauty, unheard myths and unimaginable experiences.
Motorcycle tour to Ladakh in the Himalayas

Ride to the Top of the World

Region : Ladakh, Western Himalayas, North India
Duration : 7-12 days (July through October, 2023)

On the bucket list of every avid motorcyclist, this adventure motorbike tour to Leh, Ladakh runs through the world's highest and most scenic roads. Ride on classic Royal Enfield bikes through pristine Himalayan landscapes, experience ancient culture, be spell-bound by the lakes and buddhist monasteries and of course, ride to Khardung-la, the highest motorable pass in the world at 18,380 feet. More details on our tour to the Himalayas of Ladakh »

Motorcycle tour to Spiti in the Himalayas

Ride to the Middle Land: Spiti

Region : Himachal Pradesh, Western Himalayas, North India
Duration : 9 days (tours in July and September, 2023)

Spiti lies in the Trans-Himalayan region of the main Himalayan range. It also lies between the former empires of Bushair, Kullu, Ladakh and Tibet. Spiti Valley is remote and less visited but has some of the most stunning landscapes that the Himalayas have to offer. With Himalayan roads, high altitude passes, lakes and ever changing landscapes, Spiti is the perfect destination for someone yearning for a ride in the Himalayas. Learn more about our tour to the Middle Land: Spiti »

Motorcycle tour to Pangi valley in the Himalayas

Living on the Edge: Pangi valley

Region : Himachal Pradesh, Western Himalayas, North India
Duration : 7 days (June and September, 2023)

An expedition on what is now considered the world's most dangerous road. You also ride across the challenging Sach Pass, while camping at some of the most exclusive and stunning locations in this part of the country. Learn more about our tour to Pangi valley »

Motorcycle tour to Royal Rajasthan

Ride to the Land of Kings

Region : Rajasthan, Western India
Duration : 12 days (tours to be announced)

A desert state in the west India, Rajasthan offers a unique riding and cultural experience. With its rich history, mammoth forts and palaces, rich wildlife, dry salt fields and undulating sand dunes, Rajasthan has compelled us to design a motorcycling experience away from the Himalayas. We are convinced that after the tour, every rider will go back having a ride of a lifetime. Check out our tour to the Land of Kings »

Motorcycle tour to Bhutan in the Himalayas

Ride to the Kingdom of Bhutan

Region : Bhutan, Central Himalayas
Duration : 13 days (November 2023)

The small country of Bhutan, nestled in the Himalayas, is home to dense forests, ancient monasteries, resilient forts, happy people, and most importantly, curvy mountain roads. Ride a Royal Enfield Himalayan on our tour to the Kingdom of Bhutan »

Motorcycle tour to Sikkim

Ride to the Hidden Paradise of Sikkim

Region : Sikkim, Eastern Himalayas, North-East India.

Duration : 9 days (tours to be announced)

A motorcycle ride to Sikkim has it all. From riding in the plains to 17,800 feet. The famous 56 hairpin bends at Zuluk. Plenty of rough roads amidst pristine beauty and several lakes and waterfalls. All in a land which has preserved it's heritage and culture till date in these changing times. Foreign nationals are not allowed to visit most parts of Sikkim as it borders Tibet, so unfortunately till the law changes, we are offering this tour only to Indian Nationals. Learn more about our tour to the hidden paradise of Sikkim. »

Motorcycle tour to Arunachal Pradesh in the Himalayas

One Crazy Ride

Region : Arunachal Pradesh, Eastern Himalayas, North-East India
Duration : 10 days (tours to be announced)

One of the most beautiful states in India, Arunachal Pradesh is a veritable paradise. High mountains, never-ending riverbeds, narrow jungle dirt-tracks, rickety bridges and tribal cultures make this adventure bike tour through "The Hidden Land" one of the toughest and awe-inspiring in India. A once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to ride 750 miles (1,200 kms) through a land lost in time. More details on our tour to the Himalayas of Arunachal Pradesh »

Customised motorcycle tours to the Himalayas

Customised tours

Wishing for different dates or places or pricing from what our fixed departure tours offer? Send us the details and we'll design the ride of a lifetime for you. More details on our custom designed tours »