Ride of My Life
An expedition into the "Hidden Land" of India
Jenging · Siang · Mariyang · Ranaghat · Mebo · Dibang · Roing · Mayodia pass · Balijan · Pasighat · Brahmaputra · Dibrugarh

Video of the ride by Wango

This 10 day adventure tour in the Himalayas of mystical North-East India covers the state of Arunachal Pradesh. Arunachal Pradesh literally means “The Land of the Dawn-lit Mountains” and in thickly populated India, Arunachal has the least population per square mile. Very little was known about this part of India and hence it was also referred to as “The Hidden Land”. Geographically too, Arunachal has the most diverse landscape that India has to offer. From the mighty Himalayas to miles-wide flat river basins, thick jungles to barren sandy plains, nature forms an immaculate orgy in over 50,000 square miles of Arunachal.

Due to the overwhelming forces of nature, Arunachal has a meagre road network and that's what makes this tour One Crazy Ride. The tour will test your riding skills to the max. Slush, sand, rain, jungle dirt tracks, rocky river beds, boat rides and camping makes this ride a religious experience for the ultimate adventure seeker. And the high drama within all this is the rickety wooden bridge you have to ride over. But apart from adventure, Arunachal has various indigenous tribes and their lifestyle and culture change drastically every 60 miles. This intoxicating mix of culture and adventure guarantees that every second of this tour will make you feel alive.