Ride of My Life
Ride a Royal Enfield motorcycle to the Kingdom of Bhutan

Also know as the land of the Thunder Dragon. Nestled in the Himalayan range between Nepal and India, the Kingdom of Bhutan is a small country that's big on nature. The Bhutanese fiercely protect the natural beauty and ancient culture of their country - an attitude reflected in how they limit the number of tourists to their country. Fortunately, this uncompromising attitude and the extremely friendly nature of the Bhutanese makes a ride to Bhutan an unforgettable experience.

Bhutan is a veritable paradise for motorcyclists. The mountain roads offer ample of adventure. The landscape, the locals, and the architecture enrich a travel experience that has few parallels in the world. A motorcycle ride to Bhutan fulfills all the basic reasons why one travels.

We have two motorcycle tours of various durations to Bhutan. The 13-day tour traverses through Bhutan from West to East, while the 7-day tour covers just the North West, one of the best regions of Bhutan.