Ride of My Life
Ride to the Hidden Paradise of Sikkim

Home to Mt Kanchenjunga - the highest mountain peak in India (3rd highest in the world at 8586 m), Sikkim is a state in the North East India bordering Nepal, Tibet and Bhutan.

Sikkim offers both adventure and a rich cultural experience, owing to a strict tourism policy, basic road infrastructure and a unique culture from the rest of India.

Lush green alpine valleys, majestic waterfalls and old fashioned roads with a mix of tarmac roads which were once a part of the ancient silk route makes Sikkim a must do motorcycle travel destination. For you to enjoy the rough terrain, we will be using the Himalayan, new dual sports motorcycle from Royal Enfield.

Due to proximity to Tibetan border, the State Tourism, and Indian Army do not allow foreign nationals beyond certain points in North, as well as in east Sikkim, which is why we offer this tour to Indian Nationals only.