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Rajasthan, literally meaning “The Land of Kings”, is located in the north west of India and is the country’s largest state by land area.

It is widely renowned for its rich history and culture showcased equally by royal forts & palaces, as well as village huts in the middle of nowhere. It is also popular for the Thar Desert, India’s only hot desert.

But there is more to Rajasthan than what is mentioned in travel guides. Our 12 day tour offers many surprises and unique experiences that isn't found in the usual tours. We also include hills (Aravallis), dams / water reservoirs, forest reserves, and some of the least travelled roads and remotest villages in the country.

We have carefully amalgamated the cultural and the less-explored Rajasthan in our tour, so you leave with experiences full of mesmerising beauty and adventure.


The state's tourism tagline, which goes “Padharo Mhare Des”, literally means "welcome to my region"). It's a clue that hospitality is a Rajasthani’s strongest suit.

English is spoken in urban as well as some of the rural regions. Hindi is spoken almost everywhere.


Over the last few years, the state government has done extremely well in ensuring road connectivity to almost all cities and major villages.

During this tour, in addition to highways, you will ride through wildlife sanctuaries, hills and village dirt tracks.


April to June - Rajasthan's summers are considered to be the hottest in the whole country. While the scorching sun remains in the sky, the temperatures go as high as 45 degrees celsius. At night, temperatures usually drop till 24 degrees celsius.

July to September - When it is pouring heavily in the other parts of India, the state of Rajasthan gets moderate rains. Nevertheless, it is enough to bring down the mercury to a comfortable 24 to 35 degrees celsius bracket.

January to March - Winters in Rajasthan can be quite cold; the temperature varies from 10 to 27 degrees celsius. However, in some regions, such as near the sand dunes, it can drop to 7 degrees celsius.

For more information on Rajasthan, visit the official tourism website or the Wikipedia page.

Tour Rajasthan with us in our motorcycle tour to Rajasthan.