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So long, craziness…

by Ride of My Life on April 8, 2014

The magic makes way for the mundane

The magic makes way for the mundane

Next year onwards, “One Crazy Ride” won’t exist.

Why? To put it simply – because there won’t be anything “crazy” left to do in Arunachal.

The star attraction of the tour, the hanging bridges, will be replaced by sturdier bridges capable of supporting even trucks. The dry riverbeds and jaw-dropping river crossings that provide miles of smiles will not even be noticed as you ride above them on a strong concrete bridge. The “Land lost in time” is being given an infrastructural overhaul, bringing much needed ease to the lives of the locals.

The adventure is being replaced by the mundane, taking away the craziness that’s the hallmark of our “One Crazy Ride”. Without the hanging bridges and the dry river beds & river crossings, there’s no reason for us to have a tour to Arunachal Pradesh.

So if you’ve been wanting to do this ride of a lifetime, this is actually your last chance. It’s either this December or never. Your call.

One Crazy Ride – December 21 to January 3

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