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Bhutanese refer to their land as Druk Yul, literally meaning "The Kingdom of the Thunder Dragon." Bhutan has existed as an independent entity, within similar natural boundaries to those that exist now.

Bhutan is best known for "Gross National Happiness" which terms any growth at expense of nature a big no. Total lack of economic greed makes Bhutan one of the friendliest country to ride in the world.


Bhutan comprises of a population of 770,000. In urban areas, residents speak English. Out in remoter regions, one has to use hand and sign gestures to communicate. Ain't that the beauty of travel?

The people are very welcoming and hospitable. The interaction with locals will be your most pleasant memory from the ride. For a society and a nation, they have somehow made it into a utopia.


Roads in Bhutan can be best described as "Under Construction".

Riding in Bhutan is a combination of mountain passes and dense jungles. The elevation every day also varies drastically from 200 m to 12,000 m. The road network in Bhutan is functional and not for connectivity. True to Bhutanese philosophy, any development is to done only after considering damage it will cause to nature.

Riding on the main East-West corridor with road widening work will have you riding in mud and stone on some patches. Which undoubtedly adds to the adventure.


The temperature varies drastically in the Bhutan tour as we touch varies altitudes. Temperature can vary from 7°C to 30°C in months we have tours in Bhutan.

For more information on Bhutan, visit the official tourism website or the Wikipedia page.

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