Ride of My Life

Here are checklists of mandatory and optional stuff for your tour to Bhutan. Please note that it is very important that you try and test all the stuff before you bring them along for the tour. Avoiding this simple exercise can sometimes give you a nasty surprise.

The lists below only cover the trip essentials while you are on the tour. A detailed checklist will be sent to you once you book a tour.


  1. Passport (Indian citizens can alternatively carry a voter-ID card)
  2. Multiple-entry Indian visa (only for non-Indians)
  3. 5 passport size photographs
  4. Good quality Helmet
  5. Waterproof riding gear, or suitable clothing to ride in cold conditions which protects you in an unlikely spill; like leather pants or jeans
  6. Rain gear, if riding gear is not waterproof
  7. Riding boots or hiking boots
  8. Riding gloves since it is cold out there and the Enfields don't have heated grips
  9. Thermal inner wear
  10. Nightwear and casual clothing for time away from the motorcycle
  11. Flip-flops or spare set of boots
  12. Balaclava
  13. Spare set of spectacles, if applicable
  14. Driving license
  15. Headlamp with one set of spare batteries
  16. If you are taking any medication, carry them from home


  1. Riding glasses or shades
  2. Sleeping bag
  3. Sunscreen
  4. Dust goggles
  5. Ladies, if you use tampons, carry them from home
  6. Cap / hat
  7. Mosquito repellent

Other important information

  • Bhutan is a tobacco free country and smoking is not allowed in public. However, travelers are allowed to carry up to 200 cigarettes after paying 200% duty.
  • Bhutan's currency is Ngultrum and the exchange rate is 1 INR = 1 Nu.
  • All Indian currency notes are accepted everywhere.
  • All International Debit cards can be used for at Bank of Bhutan and PNB ATMs at a minimal transaction fee; however it is advisable to withdraw required cash from India itself.
  • Bhutan is half hour ahead of Indian Standard Time (GMT +6:00).