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by Ride of My Life on October 4, 2013

Ride to the Top of the World - 2013
Last year, we completely overhauled our tour plan for Ladakh. Sure, it made life more difficult for us, but it was necessary if we were to give an experience of a lifetime to our riders. After completing the 2013 Ladakh riding season, we’re thrilled to say that the changes we made totally paid off. Now hear it straight from the riders after they experienced the interior routes, exclusive campsite and various other things that came together to make them say “I had the Ride of My Life!”

For 2014, we’ve left the route plan unchanged. Check out the 2014 tour dates of our bike tour to the Himalayas of Ladakh.

We’re now gearing up for our tour to the exotic North-East. If you’re still wondering about how to spend your holidays, here’s your last chance this year to be part of a unique, culturally rich and adventurous experience that has few parallels anywhere else in the world.

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Check out the 2014 tour dates for our tour to the Himalayas of Ladakh →
Join us on our December tour to the Himalayas of the exotic North-East →

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